Carpet Beetle Larvae: 6 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Gross Carpet Beetle Larvae


Carpet Beetle Larvae are tiny, banded pests that have different varieties of colors. They are furry insects having tiny fur-like hairs around their body. These insects do not bite humans and are not dangerous to human health but can cause allergic reactions.

An adult carpet beetle might not be as allergic to human skin as its larvae are. It does not cause sickness or transmit diseases, but it is harmful to your clothes, carpets, and other fabricated items. That is why you should not allow them to rest in your house.

Thoroughly read this article to get information about carpet beetle larvae and protect your house from them.

carpet beetle larvae


Carpet beetle larvae are found in Canada and Europe, and the Northern United States. They inhabit gardens and other places where greenery is present, like plants and trees. They can also survive very cold conditions, but if exposed to temperatures rapidly, they will die.

Types of Carpet Beetles

  • Varied Carpet Beetle: Its size ranges from 1.5mm to 3.5mm and has a spherical shape. Its larvae are also known as “woolly bears.” The adult larvae feed on pollens and nectars of the flower, wheat, cereals, and packaged food present in the house.
  • Leather Beetle: The leather beetle is black, and its body size reaches up to 6mm. It mainly feeds on the hairs, feathers, and fur of dead animals or anything made from the skin of dead animals. It is commonly found in the United Kingdom.
  • Fur Beetle: Its shape is similar to carpet beetles, but it is more elongated than carpet beetles. These are mainly scavengers, and their leading food is poultry and feathers of dead animals. If you find them in your home, it may indicate the presence of any dead rat in the crevices of your house.

How To Identify Infestation?

When you see holes in your carpets, curtains, and fabrics, you can quickly identify carpet beetle larvae infestation. If you see such changes in your fabricated material, you know these are your unwanted guests. These unwanted guests are likely carpet beetle larvae. If the holes are tiny, then these are moths, and if the patch is larger, these are carpet beetle larvae.

What Carpet Beetle Larvae Feed On?

Carpet beetle larvae are named carpet beetles because their stomach can easily digest keratin and other materials available in synthetic materials. They feed on skins of animals or things that are prepared using animal skins. Wool is also one of their favorite food.

Let’s take a look at the causes of carpet beetle larvae.

Dim Lights

If you do not like bright rooms and love to live in dark areas, you will have to change your habits to get rid of carpet beetles. Like you, carpet beetles also love to live in dark and peaceful regions where they can breed without any dangers.

There are more chances to find carpet beetle larvae in the rooms where dim lights are used or where it’s always dark. So the first cause of beetles is a dim light that helps beetles to live in peacefully.

Open your curtains in the daytime and let the natural light come into your room. At night turn on the necessary lights.

Opening Or Cracks In Around Your House

If there are many cracks and openings in your house, they are the adequate cause of carpet beetle larvae. Adult carpet beetles feed on pollens and nectars of the flowers and fly to suitable places to lay eggs. They lay eggs in quiet places and where food is available in a sufficient amount of larvae.

Their larvae take more than a year to grow into an adult. Its larvae can move to near off places to get food.

Poor Hygiene Conditions

Poor hygiene conditions can also cause carpet beetle larvae to come and live in your home. This is one of the main reasons we find carpet beetle larvae in one house but not in our neighborhood or other dwellings.
If you do not adopt good cleaning habits in your house, you are making it a home place for larvae carpet beetles.

Fabrics Stained With Edible Material

Most of the time, we unknowingly drop crumbs or stain our furniture and carpets with edible food and oils while eating and forget to clean these stains. Carpet beetles love the chance of breeding at such a resource-rich place.

If you notice any stains on your furniture, then wipe them out immediately. These stains could be attracting new carpet beetle larvae to your home.

Are Chimneys A Cause Of Carpet Beetle Larvae?

Chimneys are a grand entrance for carpet beetle larvae to come into your home to breed. When carpet beetle larvae enter your chimney, they will look for an excellent place to reproduce and lay eggs. A female carpet beetle larvae lay about 100 eggs at a time, and these eggs take 10 to 20 days to hatch into a larva.

Animal Hairs

They also like to lay eggs in the hairs of birds, pets, and other animals. If you have pets in your home, then their daily grooming is necessary as a precautionary measure. They also love oil in human hairs. That’s why they can also be found in your body hairs resulting in dermatitis.

Tips To Kill Carpet Beetle Larvae


Vacuum your house as a cleaning habit. Vacuuming your home will remove most of the larvae feeding on silk and fibers of your carpets and other items made of synthetic fibers. It will not only kill beetle larvae but also protects your household things from other insects. It should also be a precautionary measure if you do not vacuum your house for cleaning purposes.

Using Repellents

Many chemical repellents in the market are effective. But you don’t need to spend money to buy these expensive repellents when repellent is available in your kitchen.

Yes, in almost every kitchen, Vinegar is available. Make a solution by mixing an equal amount of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar in a refillable spray bottle. Clean your furniture and spray on fabricated materials using a spray bottle. It will keep carpet beetle larvae away from your carpets and other items.

High-Temperature Treatment

Using high temperatures is also an effective remedy that will protect your furniture from these annoying beetle larvae. Space heaters are best to give high-temperature treatment. You can also wash your carpets, clothes, and other fabrics with warm water. Don’t spread mats or rugs on your floor until you wipe them out.

Prevention Using Chemicals

If you are not persistent, you will not get rid of these tiny pests inside your home. Use insecticide sprays and chemical powders around the edges of carpets to wipe them out from your home. However, it requires repeated use, again and again, for several weeks. If you do not want to use chemicals to get rid of these critters, you can use different chemical repellents available in the market at affordable prices that will cause the death of carpet beetles. These repellents are available in the form of dust powders and sprays.

Diatomaceous Earth and Silica Gel

These are desiccants and remove moisture in the larval body resulting in the death of the insect.

  • **Warning: Some chemicals are made of various toxic materials. If you use chemical methods to kill carpet beetle larvae bites, then read the instructions carefully on the container’s label.

Be patient, using these chemical options if you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. You could apply foggers and bombs. They fill your house with toxic chemicals and substances that will kill carpet beetle larvae but may leave severe effects on your health. This should only ever be done by a trained pest control professional.

Removing Carpets And Silk Material

Carpet beetles do not hide, but they are small enough to avoid being seen without intentionally looking for them. If you have covered your floor with carpets and other materials made with silk and fibers, then they will damage your material within a short time without being noticed.

To clear them out of your house, remove all the carpets and silk materials for deep cleaning as it will give them less place to hide. Using high-intensity lights will also disturb their habitat because they are found to live in dark places, as mentioned earlier.

Do Carpet Beetle Larvae Bite?

This is a common question. Many people are afraid of insects (as they should). The answer to this question is no. Carpet beetle larvae are not harmful because they do not bite humans. Their fur-like hairs have some chemicals that cause itchiness and irritation when coming in contact with your body. These larvae can crawl up to your bed and hike on your body. If your skin becomes itchy and red when coming in touch with beetle larvae, you may have an allergic reaction. If you have severe allergic reactions, the itching and redness will turn into blisters.

You can treat this kind of reaction by applying anti-itching creams and antihistamines.

Life Cycle of Carpet Beetle Larvae

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It is not a fully grown carpet beetle that destroys your carpeting and other material. It is the larvae that are killing your household material. There are four stages of the lifecycle of carpet beetle. These stages are as follow:

  1. Eggs: Eggs are laid by female carpet beetle after she mates male carpet beetle. The eggs become larvae within 6 to 14 days.
  2. Larvae: The eggs hatch and give rise to the larval stage of beetles. Larvae are small, slim, and long, and surrounded by tiny hairs. This stage consists of 6 months to a year.
  3. Pupa: Pupa emerges from larvae. In this stage of the life cycle, the larvae form a case around themselves, and this stage lasts for about two weeks.
  4. Adult: When larvae become mature, development is completed, and the pupa is known as an adult. They can fly outdoors and feed on pollens and nectars.


Carpet beetle larvae are economically vital for us because they cause a lot of damage to fabrics and carpeting in homes and at the commercial level. It can be problematic and needs a rapid solution if carpet beetles inhabit any mill dealing with fabricated leather materials.

These are their favorite food, and if preventive measures are ignored at such places. The outcome will be a heavy loss in the form of patches of holes in the material to be used commercially.

The carpet beetle itself is not harmful to furniture, but its larval stages have drastic effects on fabricated materials in the house. So please take steps to clear them out of your home. You can also contact insect specialists to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Hopefully, this article is helpful and answers all the questions you have in your mind. After reading the article, you can identify infestation in your home and save yourself from heavy loss. You can also use an image guide to know the type of beetles you will host in your home. But luckily, you know the causes, preventive measures, and much more about carpet beetle larvae. So now you can clear them out of your house.

After getting rid of these insects, do not forget to practice preventive measures in your home if you do not want to bear the same loss again.

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Get A Professional

If you have already come across a severe infestation, stop what you are doing and call a professional immediately!

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