What Does Roach Poop Look Like? 5 Sneaky Roaches To Look Out For

roach poop

To begin, first, we have to know about roaches. The insects that belong to the “Blattodea” order are known as roaches. There are nearly 4600 species of cockroaches. Thirty of which are found commonly in human habitats. Some Roaches are also referred to as pests. Average Lifespan Of Roaches Roaches can live from 20 weeks … Read more

Is A Bite From The Banana Spider Lethal? 5 Side Effects Of Banana Spider Bites

banana spider

This is one question that many people had asked mainly because these particular types of spiders are highly poisonous and dangerous when touched. Physical contact can lead to skin irritation and dreadful skin diseases that may be difficult to treat once contracted. However, one can ask how poisonous the Banana Spider can be? This article … Read more

Queen Ant 101: What Happens If You Kill A Queen Ant?

queen ant

Queen ants originate from fertilized eggs that receive a large amount of nourishment during the larvae stage. They are larger than males and worker ants. Queen ants lay the eggs that populate the colony. They have a lifespan of up to thirty years. Queens develop wings upon reaching adulthood that allows them to mate with … Read more

What Do Silverfish Look Like? 5 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Dangerous Silverfish


Silverfish are nocturnal insects that have a fishlike appearance but move with bristle-like appendages. They are cannibalistic and may be dangerous for home items. Silverfish are found throughout the United States but primarily in humid areas. To find the best solution to silverfish, you need to understand the habits, causes, and threats. In this article, … Read more

Carpet Beetle Larvae: 6 Powerful Ways To Get Rid Of Gross Carpet Beetle Larvae

carpet beetle larvae

Introduction Carpet Beetle Larvae are tiny, banded pests that have different varieties of colors. They are furry insects having tiny fur-like hairs around their body. These insects do not bite humans and are not dangerous to human health but can cause allergic reactions. An adult carpet beetle might not be as allergic to human skin … Read more